Reaching up, reaching out, reaching in

Reaching Up … Reaching Out … Reaching In. That’s the motto underlining the Purpose Statement of Glory Lutheran Church in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

I was delighted to be a guest of Pastor Tom Peterson and the congregation of Glory. The congregation has a real heart for ministry and is extremely supportive of the work of CLWR through gifts of time and money.

There is an active quilting program at Glory that not only provides quilts for CLWR We Care shipments but also saves many for distribution to Edmonton inner city agencies. They also are very generous in sharing their financial resources for many different projects including well construction.

I shared the work of CLWR in Ethiopia with the Sunday morning Adult Faith Building session before the service and received a lot of interesting questions and comments. Later I led the Children’s Time and brought the message for the day. I spoke about John 13:20-33 and how just as the grain of wheat must die in order to bear good fruit, so we must die – die to self – if we are to live fully and fruitfully, and realize our full potential as human beings and as children of God. I said that one way to live beyond our old selves was to put others first and that support of CLWR’s life-giving programs would put people on the path of selfless service of others.

No one ran screaming from the church, so I am sure I didn’t inflict any permanent damage!

Many thanks to the warm and generous hearts of Glory Lutheran for their hospitality and service in the name of Jesus Christ.

– Tom Brook

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