The fun (and the good work) never ends at the CLWR warehouse

Here’s a great report from Canadian Lutheran World Relief We Care manager Patrick Stewart after he and co-worker Cody Cleave hosted a confirmation group from St. Marks Lutheran Church in Winnipeg.

I just wanted to share with everyone what a fantastic time we had at the warehouse Wednesday night. St. Mark’s confirmation class came in to check kits and do a few other jobs. Their class runs for two years so there were a few kids (ages 13-16)  who’d been here last year, and they brought 5 adults as well.

The confirmation class at St. Mark's Lutheran, Winnipeg check and pack We Care Kits at the CLWR warehouse.

Their enthusiasm was infectious and quickly we were all having a really fun time, and getting a lot of work done too. The adults helped load the container while the kids checked the kits and even though the day had been very long for Cody and I we were very thankful for all their help, and for creating a really fun and invigorating environment.

– Patrick Stewart

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