Ruby’s twenty dollar stove

A fuel efficient stove, which saves time and resources can be built for as little as $20.

Lutheran Church Canada President Robert Bugbee and I took a stroll through the Mwanjete village in Tsangano district of Tete province of Mozambique.

We met Ruby and were invited in to her home where she cares for her husband and five children. She was very proud of her home and it was well kept. The thing she was most proud of was her fuel efficient stove which she built herself from materials provided by Canadian Lutheran World Relief partners working in her village.

The stove is a Godsend. It cooks better than an ordinary fire and uses a great deal less fuel. Instead of spending a sizeable portion of her day fetching fire wood from local bushes which is not really environmentally sustainable over a long period.

Her new stove burns corncobs and husks left over from the maize mill in the village. There is a ready supply of fuel right out her door and she now has more time available for her family and other chores in her home.

There are thousands of Ruby’s out there who are reaching out for your help today. Go to and visit the Gifts from the Heart and donate $20, $40 or even $100 to provide more stoves in Mozambique.

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