A big thank you from Mwanjete Village, Mozambique

What a delight for the CLWR party to hear words of thanks for the terrific difference supporters of CLWR have made in this village. The chairperson of the community development committee listed all the things that CLWR funding has provided his community of 1,300 since 2005. He told the village members gathered to greet us that there has been a great change in the quality of everyone’s life in that time.

Here is a short list of some of the things the chairperson reported:

  • Inputs such as tools and seed and training in new techniques bring increased agricultural productivity
  • Forestation prevents erosion
  • Livestock including goats, cows and chickens bring new income
  • New fruit trees bring more fresh food to the table
  • Wells provide safe, clean water for personal consumption and irrigation so that crops are possible even in the dry periods of the year
  • A mill turns maize into flour
  • A fish pond provides a sustainable source of nutritional food
  • Blankets, clothes and school kits meet personal needs
  • Latrines enhance personal hygiene and cleanliness
  • Gender equity programs mean a true balance in decision making and community planning and management
  • A school gives all the children a chance for a bright future
  • A brand new market gives an efficient and productive place for people to sell their products
  • Training and equipment teaches new baking techniques so that the range of products taken to market increases household incomes
  • Sewing machines and tailoring tools produce clothing for personal use and sale
  • Micro-finance helps dreams come true
  • Special Care for the aged and disabled and plans for neo-natal care facilities means that all will receive the care they need

Goats are an important part of the CLWR One Community concept.

As I listened to the report I couldn’t help but feel some self-satisfaction that the CLWR One Community form of development work truly makes a difference. The people of Mwanjete are certainly proof.

Why not learn more One Community at http://www.clwr.org/Get-Involved/children_and_youth.htm

Tom Brook

Director, Community Relations

One thought on “A big thank you from Mwanjete Village, Mozambique

  1. Thanks for sharing this “good news.” It is wonderful to learn about the difference CLWR is making to here to improve the quality of life for these people.

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