I can keep my children

CLWR’s Community Relations Director Tom Brook is reporting from the Goro region in Ethiopia.

Fekadu Genite, LWF Goro project coordinator; Asha Haji Abdu of Gobu village; and Tesfaye Saboka, LWF emergency assistance coordinator. Photo: Tom Brook

While touring in the town of Gobu in the Goro district of Ethiopia, Lutheran World Federation’s Goro Project Coordinator Fekadu Genite and Emergency Assistance Coordinator Tesfaye Saboka introduced me to Asha Haji Abdu.

Asha is a single mother of four who is receiving food assistance from the Canadian Lutheran World Relief-supported Goro Emergency Response Program.

She was asked how this assistance benefited her. She was very deliberate in her response. “I could not feed my family and myself without this food ration.” She said it with a deep note of sadness and that seemed to come from the unspoken consequences should she not have received the food – either she would have gone hungry or some of her children would have to live elsewhere. But that’s not necessary thanks to the CLWR-backed food aid program.

In fact, the presence of a reliable food source has given her the strength and hope that a neighbour might provide his oxen to help her plough her small field and plant a crop for herself.

A small bit of kindness – only pennies a day for a ration – really goes a long way!

– Tom Brook

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