Helping hands and new friendships made

July 15, 2011

“What a day We Care day was! The choir visited the Siyabonga Helping Hands – an after school/community program (supported by one of the member churches of LUCSA). The Siyabonga Helping Hands children’s choir sang for the SCC (you’ve never heard kids sing with this level of volume and energy!) and the SCC sang for the Siyabonga Helping Hands children.

SCC member with a new friend at Siyabonga Helping Hands, South Africa

“The SCC also presented the We Care kits they brought with them to South Africa. I had the opportunity to explain to the children what was inside the kits and the relationship of CLWR & the choir. We then all enjoyed sandwiches together and an hour of play on the playground. It was wonderful to see the Siyabonga Helping Hands children take the hand of the SCC children and share traditional games common to both groups such as skipping, rhythm games, and circle ball games. A few also enjoyed the use of their new-found SCC friend’s digital camera to take pictures of each other and then view them together. At the end, when the kits were given to the Siyabonga Helping Hands children as they left, it was lovely watching them  dig into their We Care bag and shriek over the items they discovered inside. A few adults from the villages were there as well and appeared just as happy as the children to discover the items in the We Care bags  – such as the plush toy.

“It was a happy and moving sight to watch them walk back to their village with We Care bags in

Enjoying their We Care kits!

hand and huge smiles on their faces. As we passed some children on the road, I rolled down the window, Rev Mathe (General Secretary of LUCSA) turned up the African music in the van, and the children along the side of the road danced to the music with We Care bags in hand.

The evening featured a concert by the SCC at the Hillside Lutheran Church where admission fees further supported the Siyabonga Helping Hands Center and where I was able to briefly share the work of CLWR and its relationship to the partners (SCC, LUCSA & ELCSA) supporting the choir tour and shipment CLWR will make to the region.” – Irma

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