Emmangweni Primary School, Diakonia AIDS Ministry, & singing!

July 8, 2011

“Today I visited Emmangweni Primary School who will receive our We Care kits. A group of children presented a couple of songs and dances. I also met with the principal and chairman of the board of the school where I learned there are 1425 students in this no-fee (government-subsidized) school for children age 6-13 yrs. There are up to 60 children per class when the government standard is 30 per class. Some of these children walk several kilometres to attend school. The school also has gardens which some of the children work in to supply a meal for school children who come to school without food. The garden program is growing and helps subsidize the cost of feeding the children. This school’s choir and soccer team has recently won national awards.

“I also visited DAM (Diakonia AIDS Ministry), supported by CLWR through the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Southern Africa, whose work includes support groups for people living with HIV/AIDS, support to vulnerable and orphaned children due to the impact of HIV/AIDS, home care provided to people living with HIV/AIDS, and education programs related to HIV/AIDS.

“Dinner this evening was at a restaurant called Carnivore where we enjoyed a wide variety of grilled meats. The evening ended with the choir sharing the South African national anthem which was once again received enthusiastically with the restaurant staff coming together to join in, dancing and singing the anthem again with the choir and raising the roof with joyous singing and cheering in the restaurant! Very moving!

“Quite a day! (We all made a tourist stop to the Nelson Mandela house as well).” – Irma

For more updates, you can also visit CBC Saskatchewan’s Sing Africa! blog.

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