A concert to benefit St. Peter’s Child Care & a moving visit to The Apartheid Museum

July 9, 2011

“Today the choir and the rest of the group were presented with an overview of the work of St. Peter’s Child Care run out of the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in Johannesburg.

The program consists of seven family units providing support to children orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS. The church hires older mothers who have finished raising their own children, to care for up to four orphans – thereby becoming a family unit. This is a 20 year commitment on the part of the mother and the church. Of course there are many who could benefit from this program but to date the resources in place only support seven family units. They live in comfortable homes, receive an education, and have a ‘normal’ life. The only compensation the mother gets is the government subsidy per child.

“The donations and admission fee for the choir concert the Saskatoon Children’s Choir (SCC) provided at St. Peter’s Church this evening went to benefit St. Peter’s Child Care. Five out of seven of the families supported by the St. Peter’s Child Care program attended the concert, in addition to others which created a packed house. Some of the children performed dances and songs after the concert for the SCC as the children mingled. At the conclusion many local children went on stage to join the SCC in the South African national anthem, contributing to the singing by grabbing some of the choir’s instruments and drums. The audience enthusiastically stood and joined in.

“The other main activity of the day was a visit to the Apartheid museum. In response to the difficult and moving information and images, before boarding the bus, the choir and parallel tour joined hands and sang a song of hope for peace.” – Irma

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