Another effective partner for CLWR in Haiti

Lutheran World Relief is not CLWR’s only partner in Haiti. Through the Haitian Mission Society in Canada, CLWR has supported the relief work of the Lutheran Church Haiti. CLWR’s donation allowed for the purchase of 100 tents situated in a camp in the Leogane area which was the earthquake’s epicentre. These are much larger than regular shelter tents and very comfortably house six to eight persons and are extremely rugged.

The head of the church, Reverend Revenal Benoit, took time from a very busy schedule to share some of the challenges and hopes for his church and its mission.

Lutheran Church Haiti has 40,000 members among 192 congregations. It has revenue generating activities including a construction company, rubble removal contracting and a bakery. It works hard to provide meaningful and useful employment and builds hope among those who need it the most.

The church supports seven specific ministries with education being the highest priority. This is a recurring theme among all those caregivers that we have spoken to in the last few days. There is a deep concern that a generation or two of young Haitians not be lost to under-education.

Reverend Benoit spoke of plans to build 700 permanent homes. These homes will be built to new specifications that will make them resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes. The cost of he project will exceed $2 million, but he is undaunted by the challenge.

CLWR Executive Director, Bob Granke, was very pleased with the visit. He said, “there is very good work taking place which is being led by the Lutheran Church Haiti. I believe that the future will hold other opportunities for close collaboration between the church and the agency.”

— Posted by Tom Brook

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