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“It seemed like the best way I could make a difference.” That is Walter Hachborn’s simple explanation of how he began the journey of supporting Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) and the agency’s shipments of essential goods to people in need around the world.

Walter and Jean Hachborn are active members of St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church, St. Jacob's ON where Rev. Martin Giebel.(left) serves as pastor.

For several decades now, Home Hardware has been providing free shipping to Lutheran groups from coast to coast when sending We Care kits and quilts to CLWR’s Winnipeg warehouse. “Our trucks are on the road anyway,” explains Mr. Hachborn, President and co-Founder of Home Hardware, “so why not use our dealer network to collect the goods from congregations and deliver them to CLWR?”

He became aware of CLWR’s work through his personal service to the wider church as a member of synod council.

This gift of transportation has an inestimable value. The cost of shipping the countless tons of quilts, blankets and We Care kits would be prohibitive for the churches or for CLWR. And this partnership is a tremendous fit. With more than 1,000 Home Hardware stores located across the country, there is one near most of Canada’s Lutheran churches.

Walter Hachborn was born in Conestogo, Ontario in July 1921 and was married in 1947 to Jean Brown. After service in the Canadian Army during the Second World War he returned to his previous job at Hollinger Hardware. In 1950 he purchased the business and embarked on his journey to ensure the survival of independent retail hardware and building material dealers in Canada. Walter and Jean are active members of St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church in St. Jacobs, Ontario

Over the past seven decades Walter Hachborn turned an $8.00 a week job into the nation’s largest network of independent hardware dealers and a $4.8 billion Canadian icon. Home Hardware Stores Limited was founded on January 1, 1964 with 128 independent hardware dealers and has grown to a network of more than 1,000 stores.


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  2. I am assist nurse judi of Doctor’s Hospital Bahamas .I have met this great man and i had the privilage of taking care of him.Mr. Hachborn you are a hero in your country,one of a kind.Your legacy will live on for eternity you will never be forgotten,I am honoured to have met you while you were in my country, I hope we meet again one day in the future.Containue to be your best and keep that wonderful smile.God bless you always.Judi.Nassau Bahamas,Doctor’s Hospital.

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