Great show of Lutheran unity in the Okanagan

I had the privilege of being part of a fantastic show of love for mission and ministry on Sunday April 18. The occasion was the annual dinner held in Vernon, BC in support of Canadian Lutheran World Relief. The dinner is jointly sponsored by Peace Lutheran (ELCIC) and St. John Lutheran (LCC) and was held this year in the gymnasium of St. John.

When I first arrived, I did not know what to expect, but was surprised to see the gymnasium was set with tables from one end to the other and it quickly began to fill. By the time everyone sat down, there were nearly 180 in attendance.

The crowd was enthusiastic in their support and interest in  CLWR and have been committed to the agency’s work for a very long time. No one knew how long this event has been held but all agreed it was for over twenty years.

Pastors Roy White of St. John and Rick Schulz of Peace moved easily among the crowd and were well known by everyone. While they both led prayers, the planners and organizers of the banquet were youth organized by Joel Haberstock. When I asked for the volunteers to be recognized and thanked, there wasn’t a grey hair to be seen!

For those present the commitment to the CLWR mission went way beyond enjoying a good meal and Lutheran fellowship.  It was also demonstrated in a fantastic collection in excess of $8,400!

— by Tom Brook

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