Opening of the refurbished AVH skilled nursing center

Canadian’s support the elderly in Palestine


It was a pleasure to witness and participate in the official opening today of the geriatric ward (skilled nursing it is referred to here) of the Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem. After some years of planning and preparation, CLWR President Mark Harris and Executive Director Robert Granke were present to join Canadian government officials and the Board of the AVH as the geriatric wing of the hospital was opened during a festive ceremony in Jerusalem.


The refurbished wing of the 3rd floor of the AVH has been expanded to serve 25 patients and families receiving long – term care by the LWF, run hospital. The patients and families are receiving exceptional care by well – trained doctors and nurses. The elderly are able to receive expert medical care and be able to live remaining days in a positive and caring environment.


CLWR has been actively engaged in support of the LWF Middle East program since the 1950’s through a special initiative together with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada including support from LCC and many Lutherans and friends in Canada. CLWR is represented on the AVH Board by Robert Granke. Bishop Munib Younan serves as the Chair of the AVH Board.


Canadian representative Graham McIntyre was present for the opening ceremony and joined in providing best wishes and congratulations to all involved in making this achievement possible. 

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