“Give us today our daily bread”

lwf-11th-assembly-logoFor three days in April, leaders of Indian Lutheran Churches, agencies and international partners met together in Mamallapuram, Southern India to reflect on the theme of the upcoming 11th LWF Assembly to be held in Stuttgart Germany in 2010. It was a privilege for me to participate in a wide-ranging discussion, which provided many perspectives on the theme from a primarily Indian point of view.

Over the coming months, an Indian formulation will be developed which will serve as a contribution to global discussion on the theme. Among some of the principles identified were that ‘daily bread’ is a public, communal matter, not just private. Advocacy on food related issues was also affirmed as an important part of acquiring bread for all, each and every day. The experience of the Dalit community on local practices was also a part of the dialogue. Stories of good results achieved through Lutheran World Service-India were uplifted as excellent examples of community initiatives where ‘daily bread’ is being addressed in a very practical manner.

Food is a basic human need and right. Food issues require a greater degree of attention of the international community as we collectively seek new methods of addressing food insecurity at an international level.

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