Making “Connections” with people around the world

Thank you, Jane Ann, for supporting people in building better futures. Below, you can read a Tom and Jane Ann cheque presentationmedia release about her book and her donation.

When Lutheran author Jane Ann McLachlan released her book, Connections: Parables for Today, she announced that she would turn over her royalties to Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) and the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) to assist in their aid and relief work. Ms. McLachlan fulfilled that commitment this month.

Ms. McLachlan presented a cheque for $2205.00 on Wednesday, September 10, to Tom Brook, Community Relations Director of CLWR. On Friday she will be presenting another cheque to MCC. She will also donate the proceeds from future book sales.

Ms. McLachlan said, “It is an honour to be a part of the valuable work that CLWR does to help those in desperate need, and I’m pleased to know that churches across Canada and the United States are finding my book useful in church discussion groups and adult forums. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to use the talents God gives us in a way that gives back. When I speak in churches I am so amazed at the wonderful ways in which so many Christians are using their talents to benefit their church and those in need outside their church, and I’m delighted that my book is part of that groundswell of giving.”

Published by Pandora Press of Kitchener, Connections: Parables for Today is a collection of ten Connections cover 961592014short stories that show that people often have more in common than they initially realize.

Mr. Brook has called Connections a “brilliant series of stories that help us to stay aligned with our neighbour. Jane Ann brings wonderful insights into human nature and guides us through our responses in a way that can reorient our lives. A perfect resource for small group study or personal reflection.”

—Tom Brook, Community Relations Director, Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR)

Rev. Riitta Hepomaki said, “Connections is an outstanding, thought-provoking resource for study groups and for personal meditation. Through these ten stories, Jane Ann opens a window to the diversity of human life, and the accompanying discussion material deepens the readers’ understanding of themselves, the people around them, and the Bible excerpts that accompany each of the stories.”

—Rev. Riitta Hepomaki, Assistant to the Bishop, Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada

Connections: Parables for Today can be purchased through Pandora Press at:  

Phone local: (519) 745-1560  
Phone toll-free: (866) 696-1678 
Fax: (519) 578-1826  

Jane Ann McLachlan can be contacted to speak at your church through her website,, or by email at

For further information, contact Jane Ann McLachlan by email at or by telephone at 519-888-7276.

Iraq crisis: your response is needed

Donate today to support people affected by the crisis in Iraq

Donate today to support people affected by the crisis in Iraq

We urgently need your help to provide emergency aid for thousands of Iraqi families affected by violence.

Dohuk in Northern Iraq has become a refugee town. Since Islamic State (IS) group attacks in Sinjar on August 3 and 15, at least 530,000 internally displaced persons (IDP) have arrived in that Northern Iraqi district alone by the end of August. People sleep on classroom floors, churches, mosques, unfinished buildings and public parks. Our partner the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), together with their local partners and the Kurdish Regional Government, are responding with your support.

The needs are enormous: Food, water, sanitation, shelter and clothing are but some of the many things needed by those IDPs who cannot rely on savings or family assistance. LWF is responding in those areas as well as providing psychosocial support.

The United Nations has declared this a level 3 emergency – the highest level – and estimate that 1.8 million people will be displaced from their homes by the end of the year.

for more information:

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Donations to support emergency relief in the Iraq crisis may be made in the following ways:

1. Online at

2. By making a designated offering donation through any Lutheran congregation.

3. By calling CLWR at 1.800.661.2597 (locally at 204.694.5602) to donate by credit card.

4. By sending a cheque made payable to CLWR and mailed to CLWR, 600-177 Lombard Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3B 0W5. Please indicate that you wish to contribute to the “Iraq crisis: emergency relief.”

A CLWR prayer for the fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

God of all, thank you for the abundance with which you gift humanity. When we hoard for ourselves, or prevent others from having what they need so we might have an excess amount, forgive us.

Urge us into living that is conscious of the need of our neighbours, nearby as well as in other parts of the world.

Push us to places where we may work towards the good of all, sharing in the abundance that is for all. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen

Thanks to Rev. Tyler Gingrich, CLWR’s Youth Engagement Coordinator, for contributing this week’s prayer.

Your September news from CLWR

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A CLWR prayer for the fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Gracious God, your steadfast love is a constant reminder to us of how we are to be with one another. Give us patience, may we be kind, help us to be generous with others.

Turn us from blaming and vengeance to pardon and seeking the best for all. May we be agents of peace and love in the world. Amen

Thanks to Rev. Tyler Gingrich, CLWR’s Youth Engagement Coordinator, for contributing this week’s prayer.

A CLWR for the thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost

God of new beginnings, you call us into community and you call us to love one another. Forgive us when we do things that sever relationships, and point us back into healthy connection with each other.

Give us hearts for justice and peace, that we may treat one another – close by and far away – with compassion so that all may have abundant life.

This we pray through the one in whose name we gather, Jesus Christ. Amen

Thanks to Rev. Tyler Gingrich, CLWR’s Youth Engagement Coordinator, for contributing this week’s prayer.

A CLWR prayer for the twelfth Sunday after Pentecost

Gracious God, we have many human concerns which prevent us from serving you.

We look for comfort and convenience and are blind to the costs to others.

Help us to focus on your kingdom come, and give us strength to deny ourselves for the sake of your world. Amen.

Many thanks to Rev. Steve Hoffard, St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Kingston, ON, for contributing this month’s prayers.