A CLWR prayer for the seventh Sunday of Pentecost

Sovereign God, your reign breaks into our world and our lives in big ways and in ways we don’t even recognize.

The things we say and do sometimes seem insignificant.

We ask that you give us hints that our labours are not in vain and give us faith to trust that our words and deeds really do proclaim the gospel to a world in need.

By your Spirit hear our prayers, through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord. Amen

Many thanks to Rev. Thomas Arth of First Lutheran, Port Colborne, for contributing our July prayers.  

A message concerning the Israeli-Gaza conflict

CLWR has a long history of supporting Palestinians. CLWR Executive Director Robert Granke addresses the current hostilities and the work Canadian Lutherans support in the Holy Land.

CLWR’s mission is to challenge the causes and respond to the consequences of poverty. Our mission takes us to many places around the world, usually into areas of conflict and often dealing with mass movements of people who become refugees. Through international and local partners, we save lives while providing support to people through programming which seeks to empower the poor and create environments that enable the establishment of sustainable livelihoods, especially for small-scale farmers and women in communities around the world.

While each context is unique, rarely have we experienced one so complex and challenging as we find today in the West Bank. For decades now, Palestinians in the West Bank have been victims of a cycle of conflict and poverty, which only seems to deepen and worsen over time. The current hostilities in the region are yet another reminder of systemic issues which continue to plague generations of people who are suffering from the behavior and policies of governments and radical movements in the region.

For about 60 years now, CLWR has been engaged in support of Palestinians through high-quality, specialized medical services provided by the Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH), which is located in East Jerusalem. The AVH is world-renowned as one of the few hospitals in the region that care for Palestinians who require oncology treatment, kidney dialysis, bone marrow transplants and other related services. Lutherans and Christians around the world are very proud of the hospital and the tremendous work of CEO Dr. Tawfiq Nasser and his team. CLWR continues to be actively engaged in support of the Augusta Victoria Hospital and is poised to provide core support for a planned Elder Care Pavilion which will serve the variety of needs of an aging population in Palestine for many years to come.

We are also supporting the training and equipping of younger Palestinian women and men through theLutheran World Federation Vocational Training Program. About 90 per cent of graduates from trades such as carpentry, metalworks, auto mechanics and computer-related courses are able to secure employment and help to build a stronger economy for a future Palestine. We also work collaboratively with theEvangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land in support of Church-run schools and a primary education for future Palestinian leaders.

CLWR remains deeply concerned about the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants and the impact on innocent Palestinians in Gaza. We urge restraint and a scaling up of diplomatic efforts aimed at seeking sustainable solutions to the core issues that plague the region.

At the same time, we appeal for support to CLWR so that we can assist our partners to provide much-needed medical care. The AVH provides cancer treatment to residents of Gaza. This is essential now, and will be even more important when hostilities cease and those who require treatment are able to leave Gaza and travel to East Jerusalem for therapy.

In the West Bank, CLWR is living out its mission through our partnership with the Lutheran World Federation and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land as well as the ACT Alliance. While we pray for peace, we resolve to assist as possible. Please join us in our efforts to save lives and build a peaceful civil society!

-Robert Granke, CLWR Executive Director

Your July news from CLWR

The Biggest Lutheran BBQ EVER! is coming up on August 10.

The Biggest Lutheran BBQ EVER! is coming up on August 10.

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-There’s still time to join us on the Road to Kakuma

-There’s also still time to be part of the Biggest Lutheran BBQ Ever!

-CLWR Sunday worship resources are now available

-CLWR Executive Director Robert Granke is now Chair of the Board of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

-Our partner Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) is looking for volunteers in High River, AB

Plus an update on MDS’s work to help people affected by the flooding in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

A CLWR prayer for the sixth Sunday of Pentecost

Creating God, we praise you for the wonders of this universe and planet Earth, our home.

We pray that you would teach us to care for this world rather than abuse it.

Inspire in us the will to live in harmony with plants and animals, soil and air and water.

Give us the knowledge to make careful use of the resources you have given us for the good of all today and for future generations.

We pray in hope, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord. Amen

Thanks to Rev. Thomas Arth of First Lutheran, Port Colborne, for contributing this week’s prayer. 

Sending essential supplies to South Sudanese refugees

A child arrives at Kakuma. Photo courtesy of Lutheran World Federation.

A child arrives at Kakuma. Photo courtesy of Lutheran World Federation.

Our Road to Kakuma shipment will soon be on its way, thanks to the support of Canadian Lutherans across the country. See below for a media release about the shipment’s departure:

Volunteers and staff members from Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) are sending supplies to refugees in Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp.

The shipping container will be loaded Wednesday, July 16, from 8 a.m. to approximately 2 p.m. at 549 King Edward Street (CLWR’s Winnipeg warehouse).

The supplies are urgently needed. South Sudan’s crisis is swelling refugee camps like Kakuma beyond their normal capacity, and humanitarian agencies are struggling to provide services to everyone. The crisis has put nearly five million people in desperate need of aid.

“The people I met in Kakuma have gone through so much, and they continue to struggle,” says Heather Pryse, project officer for CLWR, who visited Kakuma in May. “But they are strong and resourceful and they are working hard to make the best of this tragic situation.”

The shipment contains essential items like blankets, diapers and clothing. About 2500 kits containing school supplies, toys, soap and toothpaste will support the education and well-being of children. Over 65 per cent of the new arrivals are under the age of 18, and a shocking number of these kids – about one quarter – come without any adult guardians and are in need of care.

Lutherans from across Canada have donated all supplies and part of the transportation costs. A “Road to Kakuma” fundraising campaign allowed donors to sponsor the shipment’s overland route, from the port at Mombasa, Kenya, to the camp about 1,300 kilometres away.

“We are so grateful for our supporters,” says Patrick Stewart, We Care program coordinator for CLWR. “They step up when there is need in the world and the aid we provide wouldn’t be possible without them.”

A CLWR Sunday for the fifth Sunday of Pentecost

God our provider, we give thanks for the farmers who plant and grow many things for our nourishment.

Jesus taught that your word is sown in our hearts and that, in some, it bears much fruit.

May the fruit of your word spring forth in us as love for our neighbour that all may share in the abundance of your blessings.

We pray this through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord. Amen

Thanks to Rev. Thomas Arth of First Lutheran, Port Colborne, for contributing this week’s prayer.

A CLWR prayer for the fourth Sunday of Pentecost

Comforting God, your Son Jesus offered to carry our heavy burdens and give us rest.

Give us the faith to lay our burdens upon him.

Inspire us and lead us to help others shoulder their burdens as well, that your love and care would be shown through our actions.

We pray this in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord. Amen

Thanks to Rev. Thomas Arth of First Lutheran, Port Colborne, for contributing this week’s prayer.